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Dragline the trust issue was in a previous post ( more than one). It relates to the post made about how inexperience can affect decisions and how the lack of trust of people cause them to assume people won't be able to make them if/or when the time comes. You would have to go back and read the last five or ten post starting with Constatines post to my last one.

When the time comes, decisions are made quickly and if your head is crammed with over-thoughts you are in trouble. I am sure we have some LE or military guys who would confirm that for me.

Basic training on when and when not to shoot covers the decisions that need to be made. Once you know when to and when not to engage and where to and where not to shoot, as well as if you can or if you can't, you can make a quick decision when or if the time comes.

When we question the basics, other peoples knowledge of the basics, their inability to follow the basics, their ability to follow through, their ability to remember them, their ability to not panic, their ability to aim, etc...etc...all to say it's complicated or not easy is taking away from what we should be doing....keeping it simple and confined so that god forbid they ever have to be in that scenario, they won't doubt or hesitate or make a mistake because their head was full of simple dos' and don't s.

More people also know them more then what one might think. That's how we got to the trust issue.

Ask yourself how do you think the anti gun people came to the conclusion that guns should be banned or heavily regulated? Lack of trust

Keep it clean, have fun and don't over think it guys I'm checking out on this thread...>>>>>Poof!>>>>>>>>>>
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