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I OC all the time in the warm weather.

I live in a fairly dense suburb of Philadelphia, in Delaware Co. It certainly isn't ''mainstream'' around here to OC, but I seldom even get more than a glance from anybody in a store. I haven't run into any LEOs' lately but have on occassion at a Wawa or something.

Most of my close friends aren't gun people, but they all know I carry, even if they don't see it. They own a gun or two, but never do any shooting.

I get more flack about OC from my shooting friends than anything.
Kinda funny, my non shooting friends except it more than the guys I shoot with. Go figure.....
If I'm invited to a someone's home through a friend, I'll have him asked about me carrying a gun. If they don't like guns, chances are I won't like them anyway and excuse myself from going.

BTW OP, I have never been asked to leave a place of business due to OC. As long as your well mannored, nobody seems to care. If you act like a jerk, gun or no gun, you won't be welcome too many places.
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