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The next one, or the one after will either show a slower rate in the reduction of "gun crime" or an increase - you can bet on it.
Okay, so the waffling has started. First, it was going to be the next report that we won't like. Now, it will be the next or the one after that. So gun crime will increase? Based on what? You said we can bet on it, but you haven't provided any justification for the claim. What is it that you know that we don't know?

Do we want to cling to a given report? Nope, but there is no reason not to use it to the fullest extent either. Bear in mind that this is a report compiled under the guise of a Democrat dominated government. So we can't claim this is a report negatively biased by the Democrats when it so nicely shows their concerns obviously being alleviated.

To ignore the benefits to us expressed by the data in this report would be extremely short-sighted.
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