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Well, it was Texas
At the last big gun show up here in Northern VA, which isn't nearly as gun-friendly as the rest of the state and with Maryland and DC are just a few miles away, 10's of thousands of people came out to attend the event...and in spite of all the hoopla and media coverage in the days leading up to it, less than a dozen protesters.
I honestly believe they don't have the numbers they claim, the polls I seriously doubt are accurate and the midterm elections I believe is going to shock them. My gut is telling me there's going to be fallout for many who voted for the latest round of bills. Doesn't mean we should rest easy or not keep our guard up at all, but I just don't think they have the backing of the numbers they claim or the voters needed to keep some of the politicians in office.

Voting is the best form of protesting, it's the one politicians understand best.
"And remember, Abraham Lincoln didn't die in vain, he died in Washington D.C." - Firesign Theatre
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