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I open carried for years, until we passed our first CCW law. I got that permit as fast as I could. I don't have a real issue with open carry, but it does expose the carrier to gun grab, (anyone here actually practice resisting a gun snatch?), and can, as mentioned, cause out-of-towners to go weak in the knees and faint of heart. I don't much mind that, as long as they leave their tourism dollars before they leave the border.
I don't like the idea of a snatch, so I conceal. I can and do carry open rarely, but largely I prefer concealed.
Having said all of that - I would NEVER attempt to restrict open carry - we've had it for over 100 years down here in this sandy desert, and it's worked well enough. It's available if you want, (see at least one every week or so), and if you don't want to, we have Constitutional Carry.
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