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Georgia Arms

They have a small 8 x 8 little area they use with a LOT of little goodies. Their prices are CHEAP as well. I made the 120 mile trip there to avoid the HazMat shipping charge and was very pleased with the little to no purchase cap. They only have a 5K primer purchase limit. I bought 8lbs of powder, 100 pcs of .308 brass and 5K primers.

H414 - $24/lb
HP-38 - $21/lb
SP Primers - $25 per 1000
LR Primers - $20 per 1000
50ct brass - $8 per bag of .308

My total came to around $332 and some change. I will be making another trip for more primers and powder. They do not have small rifle primers in though they have been out for MONTHS for the retail component side.

Best thing is to call prior to going out there. They do offer shipping now. They are just getting back on their feet after having a complete shortage.
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