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OC has been legal here in Ohio on the books. But if you tried to open carry in Dayton, as well as other cities you were asking for trouble. I personally was threatened to be arrested for inducing panic and I know someone that was.

The formal charges were dropped as they knew they had no real case on him but the confusion as to carrying open was caused by local government encouraging LE to discourage the practice.

I actually have since learned more about the law here (let's say more recently) thanks to TFL and others. It's funny how little we know about our own rights and how they can be warped by situations like that.

With that being said I prefer CC for several reasons. One being that it's not obvious and has an advantage in some cases. Another would be that LE is a little less jittery when they don't see it being worn OC.

I always think about how bad it would be if I was Open Carrying and someone tried to rob me of my gun when my back was turned or I was less alert to my surroundings.

I know it can have a discouraging effect to OC in public as well. Criminals seeing people carrying are aware, but I don't want them to know.
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