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Society is not getting more polite, nor less aggressive, but criminals now legitimately feel they could come up against citizens legally defending themselves, and their homes with guns.

IMO: It's not a coincidence that the murder rate came down with the enactment of "make my day" laws and "stand your ground " laws.

During the Christmas-New years holidays of 1986-87, six elderly OK citizens were murdered by burglars. These murders, coupled with the killing of a burglar by a Tulsa dentist, who was sued by the family of the late burglar; lead to the OK "make my day" law.

After OK passed the "make my day" law in 1987 the number of burglaries were dramatically reduced. In 1987 there were 58,333 reported burglaries in OK. In 1997 there were 40,015 reported burglaries in OK. By 2000 that nimber had been reduced to 31,661.

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