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I ran into something fairly similar with my sister. I took her to the range one day and she was missing the entire target from the 3 yard line (would hit on the 2 foot by 3 foot paper about 3 out of 10 shots). The problem was she just wasn't used to it and I did a HORRIBLE job of introducing her to shooting.

I've since learned from that mistake and always introduce new shooters outside of a range. I show them it's clear, put some snap caps in and work on the grip, using sights, pulling the trigger, etc... as well as a safety talk. I usually point out that I don't have any ammo even in the same room so they get more comfortable.

Since they have a good chance to pull the trigger quite a few times before we head to the range and I can help correct anything wrong with the stance or grip with them being able to hear me (indoor range) it works out MUCH better. I've since bought a laserlyte training target thing that is a blast as well for new shooters to try out.

After a proper introduction, I'm happy to say my sister shot great on her second trip to the range.
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