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During a Manhunt for a Terrorist Half of All Non-Owners Want a Gun

Originally Posted by cajun47 View Post
"Not going to say what I really feel about you. But it's not good.

I feel the complete opposite. I rather be the sheepdog with a gun than a sheep with a gun."

go ahead, say what you feel. in my state almost anyone can get a ccw. if they choose not to thats their choice. lets say im shopping at wal mart. i hear gun fire, people start screaming and running. if i draw my weapon and move toward the gun fire to be a hero, to protect those who imo should have a ccw. now im walking or running around a store where shots are fired with a gun in my hand. whats stopping another ccw or cop from thinking im the bad guy shooting all the defenseless sheep?

are you gonna go shoot anyone with a gun drawn now? under cover/off duty cop doing his job that might be the bad guy in your eyes?
You're create a general situation to justify how you feel. That's understandable.

No ones saying to be Bruce Willis in Die Hard and find the guy. IF you have a means to stop it and you don't? (in a general sense, not you individually)

Your morals and outlook on life needs adjusting. (In general not you, we're still discussing this)
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