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My dad did this

As a matter of fact the guns were stored in the closet in my bedroom. Every one of them except the DW .357 mag dad kept loaded. Dad kept the majority of the ammo in his room or in a metal cabinet in the garage. They were in that closet before I was even born and are still kept there to this day.

I was taught the right way and never touched one out of turn. I understood the conciquences if I did and the temptation was never there. My brother and I had friends over and it was never an issue not even once. Dad also kept a loaded 12 ga cruiser ready in a weird closet in his bedroom just behind his bedroom door. I had never seen it until the night we had a burgler.

Dad and I heard the dog loosing it and out of seemingly no where he handed me a mossy 500 that I had never seen before, racked it and said 'its just like yours". Nothing bad came of that night except for an idiot tearing himsef to pieces in the multaflora roses known to our faimly as "wait a minute bushes". But it proves two points.

1. I never knew there was a second gun in the house until he told me where he hid it.

2. It is perfectly acceptable to keep a firearm in a childs bedroom without it turning into a catastrophy.

Rob was advocating keeping a second shotgun in an extra safe in the childs bedroom. While I wouldn't keep my primary there it would be a good second options.

With Kind Regards, Vermonter

ETA: During the above incident I was 19 and home from college for the older brothers wedding. He did not involve a child in an HD incident.

Also has anyone seen this

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