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Maybe for you. For me it's memories of shooting and hunting with family and friends. It's the grand result of a lifelong passion. It's our connection to the past. The stuff is usually replaceable but the memories associated with them are not. I can buy another .410 shotgun but I cannot buy another first gun, used to kill my first squirrel. I can buy another pre-`64 model 94 but I cannot relive that first deer hunt. I can buy another single action .22 but I cannot buy another first handgun that I spent every dime I saved on at 12yrs old. I can buy another .44Spl but I cannot buy another first custom gun. I can buy another Super Blackhawk to convert to a Bisley but I cannot buy that one custom gun that turned out just right. I can buy another 28ga double but I cannot survive my first serious health problem again that resulted in scratching that off my bucket list. No sir, not just "stuff" at all.
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