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I want to clarify my original statement. This is not a black or white issue. I overly simplified an active mass murder situation. The actions I would take would be directly based on the situation. I wouldn't automatically shoot on an active shooter just because I have a clear shot. I wouldn't automatically run for the exit with my family in the same situation. There are so many complex issues when it comes to this. I carry a gun, not because I'm afraid of a mass shooting and I want to be some kind of hero. I carry a gun as protection for myself and my family. That's the #1 thing. How that would actually play out in a shooting situation would depend on the situation.

Would I be against taking a shot at the shooter if I could? No. But that doesn't mean I would. Not shooting doesn't mean I don't care about others, it just means that it would be the right thing to do for the situation.

Running doesn't make me a coward either. It just means that it was the right thing to do for the situation.
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