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Originally Posted by NESHOOTER
The 10mm GLOCK, I shoot, and pushing a 180gr xtp at fps 1385 has no ill effects on my brass crony says so and before I own a glock purchased a Lee Bulge buster anyhow I also use a Lee factory crimp die as well and after I crimp the round after acheiving the COL I do push it through the bulge buster just to ensue it will go into battery. No I won't tell you what powder is as it is not in the safe zone in print ''sorry''
I should also say it is a G-20 with all orginal factory innards
Assuming your using a stock G20 with stock barrel, a 180gr moving at 1385 fps is guaranteed to be well over max. When I loaded for the 10mm, only two factory powders I tried even got over 1200 fps from the 4.6" barrel, Power Pistol and Longshot. Mind you those were not over book max charges. PP got me around 1200 fps and Longshot around 1260 fps with 180gr, and brass looked bulged with those (I too use a Lee deprimer/resizer and bulge buster).

I would say you're either dangerously over book max or your chronograph is messed up, it can happen easier than you think. Too close, not level, bent rods, bad lighting can all drastically effect your readings. The got over 1400 fps once with the 10mm G20, but the load was way over book and I was using a 6" aftermarket KKM barrel.

Plus, 1385 fps is too fast for a 180gr anyways, 1200/1250 fps is more than enough. I stopped loading for the 10mm when I found that the .40 can wring out enough velocity to take full advantage of the JHP bullets anyways. With the 5.3" G35 and Longshot, I can scrape 1300 fps with 180gr JHP/hardcast, so what's the point of exceeding that when that's already more than fast enough, too fast really.
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