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I am at a disadvantage, I have R. Lee’s book on modern reloading, other reloaders have the same book, difference? I have read R. Lee’s book on modern reloading, I have no clue what other reloaders do with the book, I suspect they think if they use it the book will get dirty, all my books are used, very used.

In his book on Modern Reloading he refers to cleaning cases as not necessary, because I live in a dirt, grit and grime environment I make an effort to clean cases because of the embed ability of brass I choose to limit the exposure, I can not get all of it, some of my dies have had at least two previous owners, I do not have a die that I will not use because of abuse, ‘EXCEPT FOR! those dies that have been shortened by grinding, a very bad habit and not necessary.

Then there is owning the book and reading the book, again, R. Lee wrote in his book on modern reloading he did not test Federal primers because they did not donate primers to be tested. When I use primers I have to move the big Federal boxes to get to the little boxes in the back of the drawer.

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