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Less famous historical firearms from WWII-Present?

I love history, especially when it comes to military hardware, from the WWII era to present day.

As such, I was wondering if there are any interesting less well known firearms that served during WWII forward.

I know of only a few to be honest, an example would be the De Lisle carbine utilized by the Allied troops, which is a shortened bolt action rifle using the Le enfield action, modified to fire .45 ACP from an equally and heavily modified M1911 magazine.

Truly a fascinating firearm IMO. Others would include I believe what could be considered an early example of incarnation of the Colt AR15 M4, that being the CAR-15 but was designed to be an "all in one" package. Meaning it was supposed to be able to fulfill all sorts of roles, from SMG to a LSAW.

So, does anyone else have knowledge of less famous firearms out there? I'd love to learn more about them if you do, also, if I'm mistaken about anything in regards to the above firearms, please correct me

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