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The only place I often OC'd was in rural Virginia when we lived there. Most of the time it was not a problem. The cops out there seemed to care less. Twice I got strange behavior.

Once when I went to Lowes to pick up a fridge. I walked in and went straight to the service desk. I was arranging for pick up loading when the security camera guy called the desk and asked if he was ok. The desk guy had to calm the security guy down.

The only other time was when I went to pawn shop and the pawn shop owner wanted me to unload as it was his store policy. I just left instead and never went back. He went out of business not long after.I don't think they were related but driving away paying customers does not seem to be a good idea.

CC is much superior though. Keeps everyone calm reducing odd behavior, allows you to look for real threats instead of dealing with people reacting badly. Bad guys don't know you are carrying either, giving you a small edge if you have done everything else right.
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