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Why won't we like the next report?
The next one, or the one after will either show a slower rate in the reduction of "gun crime" or an increase - you can bet on it. Then, the antis will cling to it as a legitimate gauge as to whether or not the country needs more gun control. Their argument will go something like this:

Anti: The NRA used this same report to convince the American people that we did not need any more gun restrictions. Since gun crime appeared to be going down, we let it go and no new AW ban or hi-cap bans were enacted. Now, the same report that the NRA used to convince the American people that they didn't need any more gun laws, shows gun crime on the rise. We can no longer afford to let this go. We must act now. It is time that we enact a new AW ban and magazine restrictions.... You can see that if we don't act, gun crime will only continue to increase.....
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