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From a fiscal standpoint (I know many shy away from that brand of reasoning with guns) assuming the Colt is all original, after doing the trade, you could sell the Colt and have enough money to buy the same Glock 40 cal (22, 23 or 27 - they are all common) used, and have a large pct of money left over. IMO the guy with the Colt is moreso comparing the value of the Colt vs the cost of a NEW Glock in 40 cal, which at that point, it is much closer.

Also, if you miss the glock, you can find another one again, same model, same condition, but unless you want to spend $895 at a gun show for that Colt (what you will see people ask for them) you may not have a chance at another. Your trade is a no brainer.
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