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Ruger American Barrel Removal

The thought of a heavy barrel has been plaguing my mind since I bought my RAR. Last night I decided I would pull the factory barrel and

a) make sure the barrel was easily removable
b) learn some more about the factory barrel

The RAR is set up with a smooth barrel nut like some of the savages, but none of the dimensions are the same.

Clamp the receiver in a vise, I used my bridgeport vise. There are 2 flats on ether side of the receiver. It does not have to be clamped all that tight, if you have a good vise.

The barrel nut is torqued ridiculously tight. So tight that the small area under the barrel that was missing some bluing made me question if the nut was soldered on, but it is not.

Using a strap wrench was a waste of time. Some people say to use a pipe wrench on the savages, then replace the nut. I opted to make a tool.

A few taps and the nut comes loose, remove the tool and back the barrel out by hand.

To reinstall, use a go gauge, or a piece of brass that was fired from your rifle (not resized). Start the barrel in the receiver and chamber the brass or go gauge, making sure the bolt is completely closed. Screw the barrel in until it stops (the lettering on the barrel should now be aligned), back off ever so slightly, and use the tool to tighten the barrel nut.

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