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Barrel twist question

Hi everyone, as a few know I have a 308 Tikka t3 hunter as my primary rifle. It as far as I believe has a 1/11 twist. I know you can get different barrels with different twists built into them. I've read that different weight bullets react better to different twist ratios. I'm just heading out to work for a 10 hour shift so wont be back for a good while but my question was what is the difference and what benefits do they offer. I'm in the middle of testing a Hornady 168 grain A-max just now and getting ok performance with IMR 3031 but I am planning buying some R15 next due to a lot of good reports on here about it. The bullets I'm testing are for reaching out to 600 yards or more with good accuracy results hopefully .

Hunting season for red stags will be here soon to so any suggestions of a good Hornady hunting bullet would be much appreciated to for the R15 powder.

Thanks Guys and Galls , hope you have a good day

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