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I live in a smaller city outside Louisville, KY, so I'm in the same kind of environment. I split my carrying between concealed and open about 70/30. I CC when I am around my friends and family who are less gun friendly, or who I would rather not get into a debate with for the sake of our friendship. I OC if I am out and about in places I know are Gun Friendly zones- LGS, Meijers, Grocery Store, etc. I car carry at work, since I work in a psych hospital intake dept.

As for people's responses: mostly neutral, some positive, no negative. I've had people ask me if I feel threatened, if I'm a LEO, or if it's legal to OC, but it often ends up a very plesant conversation. I have had lades in the grocery store line THANK me for carrying, because they felt safer.
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