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Open Carry culture

I am very pro open carry but do not myself. I've read a few posts or random comments about OC and am curious about the response those that do get in the field, where they OC - what kind of community etc., and if all the time etc.... ?

I live in suburbia and close to downtown. In all my 42 years I have only seen 2 people carry open in this environment. One was at REI and had a nice stainless auto tucked in his belt and another, interestingly enough just down the street from my home at the grocery store, had a large auto (honestly, I think this guy did not realize his shirt rode up and over the gun [Beretta 92FS] because he had a Hawaiian style shirt on untucked and seemed to be in a hurry...)

Anyways. A little about me all I know is if I showed up everywhere with a gun on my side I would a) not have a job, b) not get invited to social events, parties etc. c) get kicked out of stores, restaurants etc. d) probably not have many friends... IDK what else. In my social network, I only know of 2 others that have a CHL...

How does this work for those that do? What kind of response do you get? Do you go to house parties, dinner parties etc. while open carrying? Are you single, married? Do you live in rural areas, the country, or suburbia... downtown? Has anyone 'freaked out' on you? Harassed by the police? Told to leave a restaurant, store etc.? How do you incorporate this into your daily lives....

I'm curious about this because I just don't see how it works in suburbia America.
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