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Kareen vs FM hi power

Originally Posted by jonnyc View Post
No doubt they are good pistols, with great triggers. However, if you do shoot it a lot, watch for peening and unusual metal wear.
Thank you for that info. I'll keep a check on mine as well mine. The pic I posted above is of mine and I don't know if the duracoat has hidden any unusual metal wear. I'll have to google what peening is :x I must currently have thousands of rounds through it since I got it 9 years ago. I have been very hard on it- under greased, over greased, sparse cleaning regimen, +P, and tons of moisture as it has done a lot of kayaking and hog hunting with me. Crazy reliable thus far. Not trying to discount that it's a good idea to keep a check on it, and/or that it, like all things probably has some shortcomings. Clearly I'm biased though- It's hard not to be when you have a good experience with a particular piece.
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