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Nice DUB! I love those old pump guns

My Dad has his old Western Field #41 repeater. My great grandfather bought it for him to hunt rabbits with on the farm when he visited as a boy. Dad and I take turns knocking 410 hulls of fence posts at 50 yards with it when we shoot together

I got bit by the bug also. I'm getting into collecting the different models of the Mossberg trainer rifles. I didn't relies there were so many different variations of the models. I saw one a couple weeks age while doing research into what to start collecting. My love of mossbergs in general, along with the history of these sealed the deal.

This is the one I just picked up on GB to kick off the collection. It's in the process of shipping, the wait is all but unbearable. It's a late 50s manufacture 151M.

next on the list to add is a US Property marked 1940s 42M mag feed bolt action. In addition to the rifles themselves, there is a whole slew of original accessories, advertisement and telescopic sights to collect.

If you like the old mossys like I do, this site was VERY helpful to me in my research.

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