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Post 36 & 48; M3A1 "Grease Gun"...

Posts; #36 & 48 bring up points that I made near the start of the topic.

As widely known, these cheap Libertator firearms which I think fired one/01 .45acp 230gr milspec bullet were never meant to stop any Nazi tanks or swarms of SS troops.

To me, they were almost like the M3A1 Grease Gun .45acp SMGs cranked out by the 1,000s and handed out like candy bars. I heard they were not very popular in SE Asia and were later filtered down to NG/US Army Reserve units in CONUS. My E-6/SSG Army recruiter was in Armor and told me they had a few in the 1980s in Europe(Germany) as a 2nd gun/back up. He said the Grease Guns functioned but were never accurate or ideal for regular combat use.

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