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I probably will only putting 50 shells in at a time at the least
You are dealing with a small quanity of case. I use a small Thumler A-R1 3 pound tumbler with stainless steel pins to clean. I deprime on my shop drill press, using a nail for the primer punch. Quick wash of the really dirty range pick up stuff before I put on the tumbler barrel. Standard barrel loads:

150 pieces of 9mm or
100 peices of 40S&W or
80 pieces of .45ACP

1 hour to clean or 1.5 hours to super clean. I don't understand the oft stated "wet tumbling takes to much time." It takes me less than 5 minutes to dump a tumbler load, rinse, separate the pins from the brass, rack up the brass in plastic trays for air drying and refill the tumbler for the next run.
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