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Hogs & a mama turkey who won....

First thing....DO NOT make fun of my truck......yes it is 21 years old andlooks like *&^%$# but just like Louann, I can't seem to part with it.

Second thing is that I know in a lot of places seeing those 2 little guys would be like seeing the front edge of a locust storm.......but there is not here.

Ran up on these 2 while out clearing fallen trees from the roads after the 9 inches of rain we had last weekend. In our view they are favorable items for future Bar-B-Qs.......but as we are realistic we know that the more likely end is in the stomach of one of the too many coyotes.

Still......we saw good eating on the hoof.

What we also saw were a couple of broods of turkeys, one with about a dozen following her.

High point of the day, depending on who you were at the time, was when one of the hens left a little one sitting in the road and Louann went up close to get a real good look.

This is one of those times a camera would have been worth its weight in gold!

As she got close the hen, who had not really run off but rather had simply laid down in the ditch came running out, wings flapping and clucking, right at Louann. Got to about 2 feet before stopping. Had no idea Louann could still move that to remember that for when I make her mad.

Turkey gathered up the last little one and strutted off......Louann, no strutting. P1010004.jpg
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