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Charter Arms Pitbull 9mm owner comments

New member of The Firing Line here:
I am the owner of a Charter Arms Pitbull 9mm, and have a guarded opinion of the company. I am a solid 9mm fan, as I have 7 different pieces and a .380 (9mm short, Kurtz). A genuine Ruger fan, GP-100, but intrigue took over on this one.
My Pitbull 9mm went to the factory twice. Once by the online store I purchased it from in Texas, as they found the only one in their stock with a locked up cylinder. They sent it in to Charter Arms and then sold it to me. The gun functioned as such, but had excessive cylinder-barrel gap and the barrel and sights, were terrible as Charter Arms torqued-screwed the barrel in excessively to the left (My perceived opinion) to allow the cylinder to latch in properly without locking up. Front sight tipped several degrees to the left as well as being way to tall.
I sent it in for the second trip. They paid for shipping both ways. Gun came back much better. It looks like the cylinder and the barrel were replaced. Gun does function very well now, with only one slight irritation that I think is a possible problem with all Charter Arms guns, and that is once in a while the gun locks as you pull the trigger slowly back to the point of almost dropping the hammer and it goes no further. Maybe once in 20-30 trigger pulls. Releasing the trigger resets things to fire the next round, but of course the previous round was not fired. Something hangs up in the firing mechanism, all be it rarely, to prevent the trigger being pulled the last 1/16 of an inch.
All in all, I do like the gun and it now works to my satisfaction except for the hang up described above. I will consider it a keeper though, considering the trouble acquiring it.
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