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Grandfather... Luger... attic... knowledge imparted... ABSOLUTELY A GREAT FIND! (IMO of course... YMMV)

Will you get rich financially off it? Does money count when family and history are involved? (Well, OK if the money is good enough maybe )

A Great Find.
I agree. I was not at all trying to talk down your luger either. I was trying to analyze its characteristics in order to simply properly identify it. Perhaps we all have missed something, because the pics aren't the best for us. The only thing thats not that great are your pics (no offense).

Despite it being a commercial luger (which you were hoping for something more valuable?) it is STILL a luger. You also said all pieces match, and it lacks import stamps. Its also not refinished. These are all good things. I will probably get some flak for saying this, but any real gun collector, esp military gun collector has a luger. Believe it or not, it bothered me for a long time that my collection lacked a luger until I finally got one. Of course some people may only collect revolvers, BP guns, rifles, etc, BUT if you have any generalist tendencies, if you collect pistols, if you collect historic firearms, a luger is a must IMO.

No offense to the lugerless - just my opinion on the matter.
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