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Originally Posted by FLChinook
Is the normal bullet-seating die that comes with RCBS, Redding, Hornady 2-die sets not recommended here? What is the best bullet seating die? And is it worth the money for the added accuracy?
All of the seating dies you named are capable of creating first rate, straight ammunition - if setup properly. You need the correct bullet seating stem too. If you shoot a lot of different profile bullets, may need multiple seating stems to match the bullets you are using. The die comes with a generic stem that works pretty good 80% of the time. The seating die rings are critical also since they hold the die square to your press. Perhaps the Lee rings with the rubber washer lets the die self-center better, I don't know about that(?)

My standard RCBS .22-250 seating die has loaded some extremely accurate ammo. But when I tried to load some very pointed 60gr FMJ bullets for turkeys, you could roll the loaded cartridges across the table & watch the bullet tips wobble!!


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