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A few reported cases out of hundreds of thousands of guns and people go nuts
That statement only works until you really need it and it locks on you. I'll give you an unrelated example. My friend's daughter worked as a volunteer at Boston's marathon this year. She was standing right across the street when one of the bombs went of. Close enough that she had someone else blood on her. She wasn't physically harmed. Not a scratch. But were she 30 feet closer, she would be one of the victims. Up until I've heard about it I thought "There were thousands of people on that marathon. Only three have died, it's a miracle the number is so low". The second I knew she was right near by my thoughts were completely different...

The point I am making that you think of numbers and go like "oh, it's only a few out of thousands" until something happens to you or someone you know... and then there is a question: would you still buy S&W with the lock, when you can avoid it?
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