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Carrying in the home is obviously going to make you better prepared, but I recognize that it isn't realistic for most people. It is like saying that Carrying a Glock 17 makes you more prepared than carrying a Glock 26, but I know that most people will opt for a smaller gun for CCW.
I completely understand what you're saying Rob. But for most people, they're making a decision based on convenience, not off of practicality. In your example, it's more convenient to carry a G26. It's smaller, easier to hide. But, the G19 is more practical. It's not that much harder to conceal, but you get the benefits of a longer barrel, bigger (meaning easier to hold) grip, and more ammo.

The same thing with hiding a gun in the kids room (and every room for that matter) vs. carrying at home. It's more practical in almost every possible way to carry at home. You are always, no matter what, within arms reach of your weapon. It's secure, in the way that no one is going to be able to get to it easily. All your other guns are secure, so there's no easy way for an unauthorized user (kid, burglar, stupid friend, etc) to gain access. It's more convenient not having to carry. You can wear your strechy pants, and you don't have that 2-3lbs on your belt/pocket/whatever.

If you're compromising security for convenience, that's your choice. It's not a wrong choice. Carrying a handgun is compromising security for convenience. If it was convenient, I'd carry a long gun, because it's more effective in almost every possible way. But last I checked, no one has made an IWB holster for an AR.

Having said all that, I'm glad you created some controversy. I'm not against keeping a gun in the kids room, but it's a choice that has to be seriously considered and well thought out. For my purposes, it's not that inconvenient to carry a gun in the house.
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