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I fear that this issue isn't as black and white as we make it appear. Much of it stems from our respect for law and order and doing things the right way. I'm all on board with that. But at what point does that change? Let's face it, our founders broke the law and some may argue they had less reason in their time then we do in our time. They would of been hung if not successful. Yet we celebrate them with good reason. One person marching down to the White House is a bad idea doomed to failure. Same with 100, a 1000, maybe even 10,000. And the things that could possibly go wrong are so many as to be frighting. Bad option.

But the darker side of me realizes that there is so much wrong with our current system, namely the lack of respect and adherence for the constitution from all three branches of our government let alone a majority of the population, that thinkin the system will protect our rights would be foolhardy. 2nd amendment supporters and conservatives in general have zero hope of getting the constitution back. It's not that I feel all that the unconstitutional things our government has done since our inception are bad or unnecessary, I just believe the precedent is set to ignore the constitution and the amendment process and the fixes needed to keep it from happening will not occur in our lifetimes nor our children's lifetimes. Can you imagine how far out in left field thing will be by then?

We are, as always, caught in the middle of the worse of 2 evils. Doing something is bad, doing nothing is bad, doing things down the middle proves fruitless. Third party has an appeal but the leading people that may know what needs done have no real world idea how to accomplish it. You can't fix 200 years in-adherence with one swipe of the pen like some recent canadents and their parties think. It would be anarchy and erase some necessary things in the process. Not to mention how corrupt the new officials would be in short order. And good luck trying to win voters getting something for nothing.

Like I said, not black and white. I don't have answers just questions.

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