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We also unfortunately live in an age when people aren't response for their actions, and it's not just guns. Too many overweight people, it's the fault of the large soft drinks. Smoking, the fault of marketing. Violent acts aren't the fault of the person committing's video games, movies, rock music, and guns.
We have a perception problem because of the way we're portrayed in the media, and at times by people who while on our side are the worst examples of guns owners from a public perception standpoint...I'm sure we can all think of a few. Can anything be done about it on a widespread level? Honestly I don't know. It's maybe more of a battle that's won one or two people at a time. I've changed a few folks perception simply by taking them out to a range. My mom was one of them. Hated, hated, guns when I was kid. A 20 gauge and some skeet shooting, loves 'em now and two years ago bought her a 38 S&W for Christmas.
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