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I think it is much ado about nothing. A few reported cases out of hundreds of thousands of guns and people go nuts. Just because there is a possibility of something happening it does not mean it is likely. If we all lived our lives preparing for the unlikely simply because it is possible, we would all wear helmets to protect us against meteors. Heck, many people do not have fire extinguishers and there is a much great chance of fire than a lock not working on your gun.

Most of you are probably not old enough to remember the outcry when Glocks first hit the U.S. market. They were considered plastic guns that would break, the plastic would crack and could not work right because they did not have a lot of parts. There were stories of them exploding due to an early problem with the use of reloaded .40 cal ammo. They were devil guns and you had to be crazy to buy one. Heck, I did not buy one until 2 years ago because all polymer guns had left such a negative image in my head from the early days. To this day, most of my guns are all metal. I am sure that in the future, locks will be a non issue too.
I prepare for the possible that is most likely rather than the unlikely just because it is possible.
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