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I try to teach a few new shooters every year or at least get them out to the range. I pay for everything although that is on hold now due to ammo shortage/cost. I live in a retirement community so the problem I usually face is that the new shooter usually stops shooting when they have to pay for their own ammo and find out the cost of a gun, or at least the gun they want. However, once they shoot they like it and no longer fear guns. So many people just fear guns without having ever held one and they get aggressive about it as if just owning a gun makes you a murderer. I do not have any anti-gun friends. If I meet someone and they do not like guns or support my right to own them, I never see them again. I moved due to new restrictions on buying guns in my former State. Life is too short to live and surround yourself with those who oppose your views and beliefs. Perhaps this is something that old age makes you realize at a certain point.
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