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Originally Posted by Txaz
1) What is the lowest combustion temperature of any generally available gun powder?
2) What is the melting temperature of ABS plastic?
3) What happens when the combustion temperature is greater than the melting point of the container confining it?

1) ~ 3000 F
2) 221 F
3) don't be there
Technically, ABS plastic doesn't have a "melting temperature", it breaks down but does not "melt".

What is the melting point of steel?


Less than half of your stated powder temperature... take note that your barrel doesn't get anywhere remotely close to 1,500, over even 200F, under any sort of normal conditions.

The thing is, 3D printers don't necessarily use ABS plastic, either. They can also use epoxy resins and virtually any material that can be "powdered", including steel.

So, the fact that they've printed this gun out of plastic is really secondary to the fact that they've PRINTED a GUN. The technology will continue to advance and, eventually, will be available to the common man in a much more sophisticated form.
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