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Bart B attempt to assert:

I've done it several times with different barrels.
Well I guess we have a difference in opinions.

It's not difference of opinion, but a difference in luck. If the cartridge was fired in a chamber that is smaller than yours, in every particular, it will fit in yours as-fired. Otherwise it won't.

Originally Posted by Bart B.
Omnimedic, are you using a neck sizing die?
This could easily explain it. Brass first fired in a loose chamber and run into a neck-only sizing die.


If you have a neck sizing die, you need a full-length sizing die. If you have a full-length sizing die, have you set it up as illustrated in this video? It is critical that after you have adjusted the die down to contact the shell holder that you place an actual lubricated case into the shell holder, run it up into the sizing die, then look sideways for a crack of light between the shell holder and the bottom end of the die. If there is one, then you may actually be increasing the headspace on the case. You then want to withdraw the ram and turn the die in a little (1/8 to 1/4 turn), and try again until the crack of light is gone. Then test again with another case to be sure it's still gone. If not turn it in another 1/8 turn and try again. Repeat with new cases until no crack of light shows with any of them. An extra 1/8 turn beyond where the crack of light disappears is a good idea.

Below is an exaggerated drawing showing the effects of a full length sizing die on the shoulder and neck lengths during sizing.

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