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You will find as time goes on your amount of caseings will increase. I my self process 200-300 cases at a time. (or more0 And multiple calibers at the same time as long as shells dont get stuck to each other. And then stick them in a container until the day I load them. I have contimplated getting a wet tumbler but all the things I read with the extra involved in it just isn't for me. As far as media I started using kitty litter for a lot cheaper but even regular media isn't that expensive for how long it last. I have a Lyman tumbler (little 600) that has served me well since the 80's..just recently I picked up a much larger used Horandy from a gun show for a real good price. Man that Horandy is quiet. I can litterally have it running next to me while watching t.v. if I want to. That Lyman you are not going to do that with. The only thing I have read bad about any vibrator type tumbler is the cheap chinease ones don't seem to last for a lot of guys..So for the $10-20 more you can get a Frankfort, Lyman, or cabela's type model.

You can't go wrong with a vibrator tumbler. Even with small amounts that you can do without a tumbler (hand wash method above) the fact that you get home from the range, toss the brass in the tumbler, check on it in a few hours...or tomorrow, and the few minutes it takes to sort it and put in in a container is worth it.

Now the reason I say wet tumbling isn't for me is this. Wet tumbling will make that brass look like new. Even in the primer pocket. Which vibrator media tumbling will not do. But to get primer pockets clean primmers have to not be in them. So that means tumbling brass to clean it so I can run thru the deprime station. Then wet tumble, then dry (for more then just a couple of hours). So the amount of extra steps just to get brass that looks a little better is not worth the time involved for me.
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