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Originally Posted by silvermane_1
CCH is color case hardening, like when someone show a pic of their SAA and it has a multicolored finish on the frame, that's CCH.

I guess my problem is that I'm old enough to know that case hardening is an industrial process and the mottled color that results is an accidental side effect of hardening the steel. Case hardening is not a finish, so a SAA with a case hardened frame is not "color" case hardened, it is case hardened. Now that you mention "color case hardening," I remember that modern makers like Ruger use an applied finish that is intended to simulate case hardening. However, the Rugers are not case hardened, so calling them color case hardened is a misnomer, which I suppose is why I couldn't figure out what "CCH" might stand for.

Back to the question: If you already have a couple of .44s, I think the .45 Colt would be the obvious choice.
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