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A + 1 to
- .327s in LCR, and a small frame (SS). Add to this a midframe .32-20 convertible
- levergun in above. While they're at it, now that the old USFA seems gone as our last great hope, would love to see Ruger get into the "cowboy" lever market - with Win 92 style 32's, 357s, 44's and 45s.
- resurrection of the .32 H&R in both adj sight and Vaquerito form. 327 that'd shoot both would be great, but failng that, at least the H&R.

- resurrection of PC 9mm, .40 and .45 Carbines - put on a 1/2-3/4 pound diet (to bring to M1 Carbine level). They're overdue for return to the pistol carbine market.
- .44 Sp GP100 3"
- blued and/or "koted" 1911's. I'm starting to really yawn at the dominant stainless theme out there.

I'd also like to see resurrection the Speed Six .357 2-3/4 - 3".

Of these, I think the LCR is quite possible/likely, and the midframe .327/.32-20 as a special Davidsons/Lipseys type distributor run.

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