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Originally Posted by old bear
The real sham/scam was pulled off by the ammo makers who convinced everyone that +P+ was stealth .357 Magnum ammo, it was not...950 FPS at the muzzle and an energy rating of 295 foot pounds... is nothing close to .357 Magnum velocity or energy. Sorry Folks.
In 20/20 hindsight, I should have wrote "approaching" rather than "comparable". How closely it approached .357Mag varied greatly. Some +P+ loads were better characterized as "warm" rather than hot.
Originally Posted by Dfariswheel
That may be true for the Federal ammo you have, but as above, .38 +P+ ammo was custom made for the department or agency that ordered it... Since there is no SAMMI standard for it, it was custom made to whatever power level the customer wanted.
Exactly. FWIW some of it was loaded for .38Spl rather than .357Mag revolvers, and these particular loads tended to be only "slightly warm". IIRC in an older thread about +P+, a poster claiming to be a former cop reported that one of his department's .38Spl range guns- a S&W M67 if I remember right- had fired 5,000+ rounds of a "warm" +P+ load without substantial damage; its lockup was reportedly getting loose, but it still functioned fine and shot accurately.

The key, however, is that +P+ loads were NOT created equal, and should NOT be fired in a .38Spl revolver unless you are certain that the specific load you are using is safe.
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