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I run into this quite a bit in my Woman's Only Firearm Safety and Self Defense class.

I start them out in 3-3-3 drills, or three shots, in three seconds at three yards.

Of course a safety course comes first. Then the above drill, with unload firearms. Dry firing. Basically handling the unloaded firearm.

When I move them to shooting, I try to have the timid on the line by themselves, one on one.

I say 3-3-3, that's what I call it, but I start out 1-3-3. Slow, then they work up their speed until they can do 3 shots.

They do a lot of gun handling, I tell them I want that gun as comfortable and as natural in their hands as a cell phone is to a teenage girl.

You'd be surprised, most get over their fear in one night, two at the most, then they start having fun and you've got them hooked.

I also found few like 22s, they want to shoot "real guns" as they call them. Don't let them shoot magnums or plus - P's. I furnish most the ammo and its mild 38s or 9mm's.

Don't let them shoot too much, I keep my class session to two hours. But it's weekly.

Also I stress this is not a "Shooting" Class, its a Self Defense class. That way they don't feel they have to be embarrassed if the don't get little bitty groups. After a few weeks they get competitive on their own. It's a natural evolution.
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