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MagnumWill Do you have a link to the new law so we can look at the wording ?

Do you know if there is a grandfather clause in the law ?

Is there a constructive possession clause in the law ?

That would matter . as well as if you can just block a mag so it only excepts 15rds

Here in CA there is a ten round limit . We have to block them so you can only put ten rounds in them . Here is the funny part . You can own all the parts of a 30rd mag you just can't assemble it as one . A guy in CA can order a 30rd mag from out of state and as long as it is taken apart before it crosses state lines it's considered a repair kit . Many places will disassemble them before they ship . I might add there is a bill in the state legislature right now that will make it illegal to own a mag that even looks like it can hold more then 10 rounds .

Anyways , If there "IS" a grandfather clause and "NO" constructive possession clause . I would think the law would be very hard to enforce .

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