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Gun Control Supporters Launch Frenzied Campaign

I suspect that 10% who committed gun crimes and bought from a store were previously law abiding and that gun crime was their first violent crime. That is why they paid full retail and did a BC check. No expansion of NC will prevent those first time crimes (crimes of passion, etc).

However, the long time criminal cannot pass a BC and laughs at paying retail prices. ALERT! These criminals that can't pass BC currently get their guns now anyway! It is via private transaction with other criminals at much cheaper prices.

Expanding background checks will have ZERO impact on gun crimes by either previously law abiding citizens or hardened criminals.

I have noticed a frenzy of new members on several firearms forums immediately jump in with stubborn support for UBC and other "reasonable" gun laws. They all claim to be fervent gun owners. We know for a fact that George Soros and others fund astroturf organizations to try to disrupt internet forums. Something to consider when reading threads. I think TFL treats all forum members, whether sincere or not, with much more respect than if one of us tried to do the same on some of the frenzied gun grabber friendly forums.
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