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Re: Teaching someone who is terrified of guns

Do you know anyone else who shoots handguns (a professional instructor would be great)? If so, try to get them to help and teach her. Chances are, you trying to teach her to shoot has many possible negative affects on your relationship, and very few positive ones. Once she has a basic understanding of shooting you can let her shoot your CZ75.

Perhaps try to go to the range with her dad, and let him teach her... It would be really nice if he had a .22 pistol.

Now, I say all of this but it is possible for you to teach her how to shoot without any problems. I have been able to teach my girlfriend some basic handgun technique, and we have never had a problem with it. She knows that I don't expect anything from her, and that if she wants to stop for any reason we will.... Unfortunately, she doesn't like to stop shooting and as a result my ammo supply is dwindling

He only problem that I foresee with you trying to teach her is that you do not have much shooting experience yourself. Not that you couldn't teach her, but I think that it would be best that each of you take a class.

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