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From what I read, G dates and 1936 S/42s, do not have the Mauser hump. The Mauser hump was on some K date (1934) lugers, and it became standard in 1937 after the feature was not present in 1935 or 1936. I don't think the
"P.08" mark came until much later.

Were you suggesting that it was an old completed DWM frame which Mauser used to make a luger? I would think that those frames would have been used up already, but perhaps not? I never thought about that. I do know that Mauser acquired the tooling from DWM, and I suppose some finished parts as well.

Thanks for the compliments. I liked your guns as well.

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Sorry, I missed your post. I have the book by Hallock & van de Kant about the Mauser P.08 from 1930 - 1945 and it is stated that many DWM frames and parts went to Mauser but they were used up in the first years of production, probably until the first K dates. There were 4,000 complete pistols and parts for at least 8,000 more sent from Berlin to Oberndorf. Mr. Weiss, the production supervisor was transferred from DWM to Mauser in 1930 and has kept notes of mayn transactions.

I can really recommend that book despite its price tag!

Oh, and I added another this month. A 1938 S/42.

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