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So clearly by what the OP wrote, he was not yet sure, and not strictly ruling out POLYMER or IMITATION ivory grips nor POLYMER or IMITATION stag grips.
Oh, I'm sure about the imitation stag. No offense, and it is terrific that you like them, but I definitely don't. Also, not to beat the point that newfrontier already made, but I was clear I'm looking for premium grips to make this revolver special. There is cheap polymer artificial ivory that is not considered a premium material, but there are some nice artificial ivory materials (especially micarta) that are and that is what I was considering. Personally, I hate the look of polymer stag. The two sentences from my post you quoted do not imply that I'd consider imitation stag, and made a clear differentiation from the stag/elk and the polymer/imitation ivory.

Now, I am glad you like your grips. I am open to suggestions, so I am glad you posted them. However, they aren't for me.
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