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Originally Posted by Alabama Shooter
"That would be the point of the background checks. To help prevent an unintentional transfer to a prohibited person by "most people"."
and background checks would most certainly accomplish that objective for all those US citizens who submit themselves to background checks.

the point is, however, that US citizens who have no issues submitting themselves to background checks are rarely the ones committing gun crime.

If you are an individual who routinely commits gun crime, you don't obtain your firearms from Dicks Sporting Goods or Cabelas. You go to a guy who is selling stolen guns. They're cheap, they're hot, they're disposable - use them (or 'borrow them') and then turn them over to some other criminal.

So background checks don't prevent bad buys from getting guns, because bad guys - being bad - don't get their guns from sources that require background checks.

Hence, background checks generally target only the good guys - because good guys don't have issues walking up and submitting to background checks.

There are numerous studies published identifying, via interviews with convicted felons, where they obtained the firearms they used. It's too bad these aren't more widely distributed - because not surprisingly, very few felons went to the local gunstore to buy the guns they used.
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